Case: Christer Fuglesang Approved 

First Swedish astronaut, Christer Fuglesang, collaborates with Chimi Eyewear.

“Small step for Christer, but a giant leap for Chimi

Christer was sceptical at first but…

Being his first fashion collaboration, Christer was sceptical at first. But through the process the collaboration has evolved into an organic friendship.
When the design team presented the idea of a collection inspired by space, we felt there was only one person we could call, the only man in Sweden who’s actually been there.

Christers enthusiasm of teaching and helping the younger generation to grow was the leading force for this collab to take place. We were thrilled to have him onboard, making the Space collab legit.

As an icing on the cake we launched the collaboration with an event at the IMAX theater Cosmonova in Stockholm giving the audience a full hour Q&A with Christer talking about space. A truly epic experience.

Space Concept: Nineties Studio
Production/Talent/: Fwb
Cosmonova: Fwb

Style: Space Melted Star

Style: Space Star Cluster

Style: Space Voyager