Presenting “Just Natural” by Brämhults

Brämhults is a Swedish beverage company producing juice. The enormous passion for fresh fruits and greens makes Brämhults juice a product that actually lives up to ones expectation, even to the connoisseur. 

Just Natural developed from the idea of charging Brämhults with ”more than a beverage”. It came to be a concept charged with culture where we raise the focus to include a conversation instead of a the one-way-conversation.

FWB was Brämhults creative partner along the way of raising the communication of the company but also society at large. Our vision was to question the ordinary way of communicating and encourage to become more aware and engaged. We wanted to inspire to go within the nature of oneself and express ourself just natural. From the creation of the concept to the final distribution, FWB has been involved in roles such as sales and distribution, marketing, PR, business development and strategic partnerships.